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What We Do Best

Here is just a sampling of some of our successes with our clients. Please check back from time-to-time as we provide more anecdotes and case studies.

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Global Investment Bank - Infrastructure Design

Leveraging a unique and innovative approach to infrastructure design, eMethods is helping a large investment bank cope with the challenges of automating data center infrastructure design and deployment on a global scale. By applying a "software design-like" approach to infrastructure problems, the customer is seeing dramatic improvements in time-to-deployment of data center solutions as well as improvements in production application resiliency.


Online Retailer - Application Development

Harborview Center for Antiques a nationally known antiques dealer in Stamford CT, hired eMethods to bring its Big IT expertise down to size as it sought to upgrade its Web presence. By employing a micro-fixed fee approach and a combination of on-shore and off-shore resources, eMethods was able to re-architect the technology managing Harborview's online catalog to support its "Click and Mortar" operation. Currently, eMethods is upgrading the Harborview site to allow customer white-labeling.


Global Full Service Bank - Enterprise Architecture

Beyond the bits and bytes, oftentimes people are what set one company apart from the rest. Leveraging its broad industry experience and practical approach, eMethods is helping this Fortune 100 financial institution get the most out of technology during trying financial times. Currently advising the CTO, eMethods is providing an enterprise-wide Technology Roadmap, covering not-only technology standards, but also IT best practices across over 100 technology products covering the entire IT domain.


Property Management Company - Total IT Guidance

Bringing its Fortune 100 experience to small business, eMethods helped a New York City based Property Management company secure its Network infrastructure via leading-edge technology and sound IT policy. Currently, eMethods is working with the customer as a trusted partner to help it expand its IT capability in order to automate time-consuming processes as it prepares for rapid business expansion.


Global Financial Institution - Online Banking

Facing the challenges of working with 5 other service vendors, 4 enterprise-class, off-the-shelf products and one very large and demanding customer, eMethods applied a people-first, in-the-trenches approach to project management. During the one-year engagement, eMethods provided project management, software release management as well as hands-on technical expertise while playing a very crucial role in the successful delivery of 3 major releases of a high-volume, retail-banking site.


Wall St. Inter-dealer Broker

The culture of Wall St. is one of a quick-pace, sharp focus and a get-it-done-yesterday attitude. Many may consider this to be in stark contrast to the tasks associated with providing an Enterprise Architecture where one must patiently consider many different problem domains and see beyond just the immediately apparent needs. Needless to say, trying to devise a workable Enterprise Architecture suitable for a Wall St. inter-dealer broker is a challenge indeed. Such a task fell to eMethods where the deliverables included help with the actual implementation in addition to simply providing a solution and plan. The result was a practical EA approach that every technology manager could understand. Instead of whiteboarding a solution in a vacuum, eMethods chose an approach that leveraged existing, funded projects and provided a very real and workable implementation plan.